• 章勇


  • Jackie Vaswani

    Jackie Vaswani

    Finding peace in the chaos

  • Xavier Pestel (Xavki)

    Xavier Pestel (Xavki)

    Microservices architecture and opensource. I’m maintainer of xavki https://youtube.com/c/xavki-linux about opensource. My blog : https://xavki.blog/

  • Jeff J

    Jeff J

  • Oleg


  • Josh Lockrow

    Josh Lockrow

    Father of 4, Technology Enthusiast, DevOps Culture Leader. Maker. All opinions are my own.

  • Daniel Megyesi

    Daniel Megyesi

    Tech enthusiast, systems engineer

  • Bert Verhees

    Bert Verhees

    Bert Verhees is a seasoned programmer, working for Profit4Cloud.nl. Experienced in many methodologies and languages like Go, Java, script languages, XML-related

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